Monday, January 2, 2012

This guy again?

UPDATE: Here's the final illustration of the sketch below. I'm pleased with it considering it was an experiment in photoshop for me. I don't paint often in black and white so it was fun! I originally had a red burned graffiti on the back wall behind the person of the Russian Flag during WW2 (hammer and sickle) but it distracted too much from the main focus so I removed it.

So, I watched another film that this actor in it, albeit older (10-12 years older), and inspired again to sketch a portrait from that film.

It really is a great film called "The Inner Circle". Kind of offbeat, but a very good psychological look into the mindset of the Russian people during the reign of Joseph Stalin and WWII, through the eyes of Stalin's personal projectionist, Ivan Sanchin (original name was changed for the film) as he was accepted into the inner circle of Stalin's government. It's hard to find as a film but the characters are worth the watch.

I will be taking this sketch and painting it eventually. I am thinking of going much darker with it, with heavy lighting and bold contrast and a minimal color palette. I want it to be depressing. :p

First version without background:

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